Thursday :: Aug 11, 2005

Health Care, It's Turning the Corner

by Duckman GR

I don't need to say much about this, but to add, HSA's letting you set aside some of the savings to cover their out-of-pocket costs is not a magic parachute. "Some of the savings" is not going to pay for a few thousand dollars of meds or physical therapy. My b i u 's throughout.

"What this study really shows is that people who are insured are also sharing medical burdens, and the type of insurance they have isn't adequately covering their out-of-pocket costs, ..." said study author Michelle M. Doty, a senior analyst at The Commonwealth Fund.

"Almost everybody but the really well-off are at risk here," added Carol Pryor, a senior policy analyst at The Access Project in Boston.

The new analysis helps to substantiate results of a widely publicized Harvard bankruptcy study that found many people were insured when they incurred the medical debt that contributed to their financial ruin.


As an example, 49 percent of adults with deductibles of at least $500 a year had medical bill and debt woes, while 32 percent of those who had deductibles of less than $500 reported similar difficulties.

"The trend toward higher deductibles in employer plans may have gone too far," [said] Karen Davis, president of The Commonwealth Fund.

Bush's America. Republican Dictated Congress' America. GOP's America. K St's America. Big Pharma's America.

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