Thursday :: Aug 11, 2005

"It's Only Rock 'N' Roll"

by Marie

Ain't Too Proud To Beg

I know you wanna leave me, but I refuse to let you go
If I have to beg, plead for sympathy
I don't mind, 'cause it means that much to me...

recorded by: The Rolling Stones
Music & Lyrics by: Norman Whitfield

And does the Govenator know how to beg for the big bucks or what? For a mere $100,000 you can sit in his luxury box and watch the kick-off concert of The Rolling Stones. For a mere $10,000 you attend a pre-concert reception and watch The Stones from a primo seat. SF Gate

Of course Ahnold didn’t have to pay for his box or those seats – they are courtesy of his favorite money machine Ameriquest. And yes, it is unprecedented for a politico to use a rock concert as a fundraiser without the endorsement and participation of the artists performing.

Ahnuld is on his way to building up a $50 million war chest – war against nurses, teachers, public employees and everybody else in California that isn’t rich. Thanks Jay and Oprah for doing your part to inflict this horror of a man on the State of California. A man that had the audacity to win office by criticizing Davis for the rather paltry amounts he collected for his campaigns.

The begging plans for just five days next week are:

8/17: $500 per person event at the National Orange Show

8/18: $100,000 for six VIP tables and two seats at Ahnuld’s at a private dinner in Sacramento

8/19: $25,000/couple at Lake Tahoe “evening of casual elegance” hosted by NV Gov. Guinn

8/20: $25,000/person barbeque in NJ with GOP candidate Forrester

8/21: $$$ Rolling Stones concert.

Nothing “only” about Rock “N” Roll anymore. But how the hell did part of the counter-cultural revolution, accessible to every kid with a few bucks, turn into a venue for Republican fundraisers? Can any concert be worth the $1,600 asking price for the Stones? Or does that only make me look like a dope for passing on that adventure my friends took off on one day years ago when a Stones concert could be had for free.

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