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When It's Time To Shoot The Horse

by pessimist

King George's excuses for remaining in Iraq and creating additional members of The Mothers of the Ditch are that Leaving Iraq would send 'terrible signal', that

an early withdrawal of American forces would give insurgent leaders like wanted terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi the impression that "the United States is weak."
Stop! You're killing me!

I haven't heard anything so hillarious since you told your straight man David Horowitz that you were a uniter, not a divider!

But Georgie, there comes a time in every cowboy-wannabee's life when it's time to shoot the horse. That time is now.

It's too late to try to tell us you're a brave warrior, and it has been too late since before 9/11 came along to save for your sorry ass a possibility of a second stolen stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

We know you don't remember things very well; that's why you went into the electoral debates wired for sound. And, when you have an entire staff of sychophantic toadies pumping crude like "What a great leader you are!" into your ears every second you allow them to interrupt your Xbox game, we know that you don't remember when you revealed to the world what a weak sister you really are.

We know you have already forgotten the defining moment of your (mis)Administration. No, it wasn't 9/11, although that event was in part brought about by it. No, it wasn't your destruction of the national economy or the social safety net. No, it wasn't even your bungled invasion of Iraq, designed to make them the captive customer base of American corporations.

It was The Day of the Spy Plane.

We know you aren't much of a historian, George, but allow me to tell you something - you gave China everything they needed to break your codes and stand up to you, confident that they will win in the end. History has precedent.

During WWII, US codebreakers were able to decipher the Japanese Naval Code sufficiently to prepare for the defense of Midway, considered by many to be the turning point of the Pacific War. In Europe, the British capture of an Enigma code machine assisted with Allied defenses against Nazi U-boats, which had almost achieved the means for total domination of Europe for Hitler. Both instances of the Allies knowing the content of enemy communications helped ensure that victory could be attainted.

While I'm reasonably sure that China didn't get all the US codes, they did get the entire plane, almost intact. They had the surveillance hardware [Real Media], and had weeks to look it all over. Christmas couldn't have been better to the Chinese intelligence operation! [Real Media]

It's as if the Chinese had your entire play book open while they watched your team scrimmage.

And what came of all the brave war bluster?

You apologized.

Ambassador Joseph Prueher delivered the message

You apologized to China when there was no need to do so, prompting Salon's Camille Paglia to opine:

Making little visible effort to coordinate a response with our allies, the Bush administration seems to have sacrificed the nation's larger strategic interests for immediate political relief. By hesitating, wavering, and then abruptly caving in to Beijing over the spy plane, the Bush administration may have signaled that the U.S. won't go to war over Taiwan ... One can only conclude that the extreme right wing is infested with infantile personalities ...

After all the tough talk, you backed down. You turned tail. You ran and hid, and the world hasn't been the same, since it now knew that the US wouldn't fight anyone who would stand up in opposition to us.

After this major faux pas and the 9/11 attacks happened, after the fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan continued long after "Mission Accomplished!" was declared, North Korea and Iran started nuclear programs for the defense of their nations against assumed American aggression. North Korea claims to already have nukes, while there is every reason to expect that Iran will - especially after all the heavy talk with the crippled Crawford walk from you, George. You didn't go to war with North Korea, so why would Teheran not expect that a 'nukular' shield would work for them as well?

Let's face it (you won't!):

How well will your smirk work at the showdown? The world knows you left your six-shooter in Baghdad when you ran and hid from a skirt!

If you can't even look a grieving mother in the eye, and answer her uncomfortable questions concerning the death of her son, how do you expect to look at Kim Jong Il, or the Iranians, or the Venezuelans, or anyone else who no longer fears you?

The world knows that you are no man, George. You would never rate as one in their world. And for them, that's all that counts.

You are losing the Indians by interfering with projects designed to meet their domestic needs, and the Pakistanis by showing favoratism toward the Indians, and maybe even the South Koreans by screwing up their dreams of reunification with the North.

You claim that, despite your premature declaration that the mission was accomplished, US forces will remain in Iraq until the job is done. One is prompted to ask just what that 'job' is?

Bush faces a real dilemma, said Anthony H. Cordesman, an Iraq expert and former Pentagon intelligence official, now with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "The president's legacy, if he fails in Iraq, historically is an absolute disaster. President Bush and the Bush administration can scarcely ignore that problem."

But, for all your Brave Texan tough talk and ineffective nation building, Iraq is on the verge of breaking apart into Balkanized states that will fight over the slightest provocation. The Shias insist on their own state, the Kurds are also, and the Sunni are afraid you're going to leave them with the dry holes. It's gotten so bad in Iraq that retired Gen. William E. Odom, the head of the National Security Agency during that 'liberal' Reagan administration that Poppy ran while Ronnie slept, asks: What’s Wrong With Cutting and Running?

But that issue right now is really the least of your worries. Hitting the wallet is the best way to lose those Good Christians who make up your power base. Their own economic self-interests are soon going to outweigh any distractionary campaign of divisiveness you might want them to support, like stem cells or gay marriage or Iraq. In fact, there are signs you are losing them already! As Pakistani columnist Feisal M Chowdhury puts it:

Americans are now waking up to the stern realities of Bush and the war in Iraq. Will the Sunnis give up their fight? Will state the Shiites allow Iraq to become a client state or banana republic with a cucumber administration? Will they accept American bases on their soil? Will they accept American control on their oil energy? How soon will they ask for an end of the occupation? Two things look fairly certain, there will be no peace in Iraq in the coming years and that the Americans will try to use this as an excuse to prolong their stay in Iraq as long as possible. Letters published in the US newspapers criticising Bush are becoming ferocious and brutal.
Even Republicans privately express grave misgivings about Bush's hidden agenda.

Capital Hill Blue puts it this way:

"If you look at it from a Republican point of view, by the 2006 congressional elections, you're going to want to have a timetable in place for withdrawal of U.S. forces and their replacement by Iraqis. And by the fall of 2008, you will want to have most U.S. forces out of there," said Stephen Cimbala, a Pennsylvania State University political scientist who has studied the impact of wars on American politics.

Once you lose them, George, will you find yourself in the same place you have put Saddam? You know what they say in Texas, George: "Money talks, and bull$hitter$ $wagger!"

You have made America a much more dangerous place with your rashness and ill-considered PNAC plans for world domination. Had you directed the same amount of effort into easing the nation off petroleum as much as possible, as you have directing efforts to militarily capture control of as much of the world's oil supply as possible, would diesel fuel now be $3 a gallon when readily-available alternatives are now in use?

The truly brave leader would have taken this path.

You've whipped that poor bravery horse almost to death, George. It's time to do the humane thing for the first time in your sorry life and shoot it.

It may be the only thing you will have to redeem yourself when you approach the Pearly Gates.

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