Friday :: Aug 12, 2005

Duty Calls

by paradox

With acute sadness and great humility I turn in my set of keys here at The Left Coaster as a regular poster. Sometime in the next month process and login will be set for me at Representative Louise Slaughter’s blog and I have an ambitious commitment to her in those screens through the 2006 election.

Some of you may have assumed I had already left, for I have been very quiet lately. The truth is that I have been hurting bad about a number of votes, especially the SEC confirmation, and in the rush of a busy life I simply leaned on the old adage that if one can’t say anything nice, well, don’t say anything at all.

Gary Hart succinctly states my permanent background mortification these days. Hopefully by 2008 a yes vote on this illegal lying war will be an automatic crusher on any hopeful officeholder, Jesus forgive us these party leaders I’m forced to give money to and call Democrats.

I am a small person doing tiny things; I do not seek glorification in being correct, and my tiny human prism of perception to this world usually precludes me from judging or dictating behavior to anyone. But we as a people must live in peace in environmentally sustainable ways that invest in our children and our health with open, democratic civic systems. For all our citizens, respected everywhere on the planet. We have a long, long way to go.

Along with working for Louise (as I’ve been instructed to say, ma’am) I’m producing the new logo for Harriet Miller, challenger for HR TX 102, it should be ready in two weeks. I start tabling at my local Safeway August 28th (get to skip church), registering voters for the California Teachers Association. Tonight, health willing, I’m protesting for Cindy Sheehan with SanJoseLady downtown. Thank God for the internet.

Unfortunately I do not have the words to express my gratitude to Mr. Soto for the privilege of posting here, nor my undying admiration for such a tireless, fearless, tenacious soul of plain American goodness. I hope I don’t let you down. I won’t forget.

Thank you, Mary.

It will be good to take orders at my new digs; strange as it may seem to some, in the right environment I am an extremely productive, helpful, subservient human cog, obsessed with objective and learning all I can. I don’t need to lead, I need to win.

I’m off to a knew road in my amateur political journey. Thank you to all the readers here—it’s been my honor to have such souls read my text. Peace be with you all.

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