Friday :: Aug 12, 2005

Global Warming Skeptics Take a Lethal Blow

by Steve

Republicans and other corporatists who continue to claim that the science doesn’t conclusively support the existence of global warming (remember, it's not "climate change") have pointed to the work of several scientists, whose research challenged the assumptions and models used by peers who did claim that warming did exist and was only going to get worse. Until 2001, when the Bush Administration began claiming that the science wasn’t conclusive, no one had revisited the work of those several scientists to see if their claims and contrarian research were themselves solid. We now find out that the research disputing global warming is itself based on flawed calculations and that the data used by the global warming skeptics did in fact reflect that warming was taking place and would continue to get worse.

So the next time you hear Rush, or the rest of the “what me, worry?” sycophants challenge global warming, remember that their claims that the science doesn’t support that global warming is taking place are garbage. The real reason for inaction is simply a desire for another profit opportunity at the expense of all of us.

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