Friday :: Aug 12, 2005

Support For Bush's War On Terror Tanking

by Steve

When your whole rationale for keeping, and even increasing, our troops in Iraq rests on the claim that a draw-down and withdrawal of our forces would mean the “terrorists” have won, you definitely don’t want to see a poll that shows that less than 40% of the American public thinks we are winning now. As Bush said yesterday that he won’t consider drawing down the troops, and as the Pentagon plans to actually increase troop strength in the coming months to prevent chaos at the time of the upcoming illusory constitution agreement, Rasmussen, of all polls, reports today that the rejection of Bush’s war on terror, (or whatever Rummy and Hadley called it for a week) has reached an all-time high, with only 38% thinking that we are now winning the war on terror, and 36% saying that the terrorists actually are.

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