Sunday :: Aug 14, 2005

Homeland Security Reduces Threat Level Two Days After FBI Threat Warning Issued Last Week

by Steve

Late Friday afternoon, the Department of Homeland Security reduced the terror threat level for the nation's transportation systems that had been raised in the aftermath of the London bombings, saying there was no "specific, credible intelligence information indicating that an attack in the United States is imminent". Yet this action came two days after the FBI issued a threat advisory to local law enforcement outlining a specific threat against New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago by Al Qaeda operatives using gasoline tanker trucks, all timed to occur between now and September 19th to commemorate the 9/11 attacks. Israel's DEBKAfile notes that the spike in electronic communications and human movement within Al Qaeda are at their highest since 9/11, and indicate that Al Qaeda has had no problem finding new recruits and rotating fresh forces into Iraq and sending their more seasoned operatives to other countries.

Boy, it sure looks like Bush's war in Iraq has slowed down Al Qaeda huh? And how good will it look if in fact the FBI issued such a warning, only to see DHS two days later say "all is well now; go about your business"?

But I guess we should have known better: Bush went on with his vacation and GOP fundraising like nothing was changed, just like 2001.

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