Monday :: Aug 15, 2005

Great Timing - Newsweek Says That Bush Really Cries And Cares About Dead Soldiers

by Steve

Well, it’s clear to see what the White House got for beating the stuffing out of Newsweek earlier this year over the Koran desecration stories.

As soon as Cindy Sheehan started doing some damage to Bush’s image as a wartime leader, we could expect to see this: a story from the mainstream media telling us that Bush really does care and that he cries in private when he visits with the families of the fallen at military bases.

So what we have here is a man who doesn’t want to admit error and show emotion in public for fear of looking weak and perhaps wrong, but who according to this account in the pages of the emasculated Newsweek magazine of the post-“Korans-down-the toilet” days is an emotional and quivering wreck in private after spending time with the families of the soldiers he sent to their deaths in a war of choice.

Yet hours later at these military bases Bush is back to being a cocky, arrogant, never-wrong, and strong wartime leader in front of the troops. Either Bush is one good actor when he meets with these families, or he is one bipolar f*ck.

Or, of course, he is both.

Update: For what it's worth, chew on this.

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