Tuesday :: Aug 16, 2005

As Higher Gas Prices Finally Show Up In CPI, Bush Numbers Stay Low

by Steve

(Thanks to PollingReport.com for the graphic)

Gallup’s latest poll out today shows Bush’s favorability rating holding steady at 45% approve, 51% disapprove. Interestingly, these numbers have been relatively unchanged for several weeks now, even though there have been swings in the party identification of the sample used by Gallup during this time. Look at the slight movement in the samples these last three weeks back and forth between self-identified Democrats and Independents, while the GOP portion of the sample has stayed virtually unchanged.

August 8-11
45% Approve
51% Disapprove

35.0% Democrat
33.0% GOP
30.5% Ind

August 5-7
45% Approve
51% Disapprove

31.5% Democrat
32.9% GOP
34.8% Ind

July 22-24
49% Approve
48% Disapprove

35.7% Democrat
32.4% GOP
30.7% Ind

As for the direction of the country, the poll showed that only 37% were satisfied with the direction of the country, and 60% dissatisfied. The last time the spread was this large it was right after the Abu Ghraib revelations last May. This comes as the higher cost of energy finally makes its way into the monthly Consumer Price Index, with the Labor Department reporting that July’s CPI jumped .5%, the biggest increase in three months while industrial production rose only .1% in the month, below expectations. Note the asinine comment from Bush cheerleader Joel Naroff in telling us that a .5% increase in the CPI is no big deal:

“Energy is a killer, but if you don’t use it, you’re not seeing a whole lot of inflation.”

Thanks for that insight Mr. Naroff. I will go back to my cave now, happy that I don’t use energy.

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