Tuesday :: Aug 16, 2005

Resign Randy and Why It Matters

by Duckman GR

So Josh has this article on cunninghams latest, and it's more of the same.

Raiding FBI Agents, Defense Contractors, Randy Cunningham, Grand Jury Investigations, you know, the usual GOP operation.

The firm [ADCS] received nearly $76 mil in [DoD] contracts between 2000 and 2004. The company also is a frequent contributor to Cunningham's re-election campaign account, having given the 50th District congressman $21,000 since 1997.

We know that Francine Busby is running for the seat in 2006. But, given all of the recent corruption and perfidy surrounding the GOP these days (abramoff, delay, plame, rover grover, plame, abramoff et al), and given the extraordinary political turmoil here in San Diego, resignations, elections, councilman convictions, pension fund crisis, high housing prices and high gas prices, oh, sorry, that bit just sorta popped out. At any rate, with so much attention focused on corruption in San Diego, what better time to have an election and throw the bums out?

Local Democrats and others are planning a press conference Thursday to highlight cunningham, to put the pressure on him to resign, so we can have another special election, presumably in Nov., to fill his seat.

Sign the petition, it's fun, and easy! Tell em Duckman sent ya!

Oh, why this matters? Let's see. Democrats take it to republicans. Democrats Fight. deLay has one less gopper thug, one less greedy, grasping, corrupt republican pol voting his way. One more Democrat who might propose ethics investigations against deLay and co. One more Democrat to vote for impeachment against the whole rotten, stinking, corrupt, bushco crew.

Strike while the irons hot, no time like the present!

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