Wednesday :: Aug 17, 2005

Wednesday Night Quick Hits

by Steve

What is it with these world leaders who dress up to play soldier?

Bob Woodward’s latest book on “Deep Throat” isn’t exactly setting the publishing world on fire, it appears.

Time Magazine’s publisher said that Karl Rove wasn’t worth protecting as a confidential source. As for how popular Judy Kneepads is inside the Gray Lady, Salon says don’t assume everyone at the Times is supportive of her. And as Judd Legum and Faiz Shakir of the Center for American Progress ask today, how come the media doesn’t have the guts to ask Bush himself when he first learned of Valerie Plame’s identity?

It’s always fun to see the GOP have its own problems. First, Ohio governor Bob Taft was charged with several misdemeanors today, adding to the growing problems that the Ohio GOP already had in a state where Bush has a negative net approval rating of 23 points. Now we find out that the RNC and the NRSC aren’t happy with the prospect of fielding Katherine Harris as their candidate against Bill Nelson next year, and are now talking to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough about jumping into the GOP primary. I guess Ms. Harris now knows the limits of the Bush family’s thanks for stealing Florida in 2000.

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