Sunday :: Aug 21, 2005

Cindy Sheenan's Journey

by Mary

The San Francisco Chronicle has a story about how Cindy Sheenan found herself in Crawford, Texas, because after all, she didn't just appear out of thin air. One interesting note was how Pat Kniesler, cofounder with Michael White of the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count site, had reached out to Cindy last year after Casey's death upon finding the essays Cindy sent to her friends via email. The reporter writes about how after Cindy's long attempt to garner the attention of the media, it was at Crawford where she finally got a break.

As it happened, Sheehan managed to catch the news cycle exactly right. Everyone joined her in Crawford -- CNN, MSNBC, all the big papers. She told me her anti-war message had gotten attention "beyond my wildest dreams.'

I suspect that one reason she got so much media attention was due to the President's ego and arrogance. Cindy showed up in Crawford just in time to entertain the media that had been dragged down to Crawford in the heat of summer to wait for the dribs and drabs of the daily press briefings while the President took his long vacation. Fortunately, the bored and resentful press were finally ready to hear Cindy's message which in a fairer and more just world would have been widely reported months ago. And she is not the only one asking this President for accountability. Americans have the right to know why he went into Iraq and what he is planning to do to get out without screwing it up further.

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