Monday :: Aug 22, 2005

American Research Group Says Bush Job Approval Down To 36%

by Steve

Dick Bennett’s American Research Group released its latest results on Bush’s job approval ratings this morning. In a poll conducted through last night of over a thousand adults with a very small margin of error of only 2.6%, Bush’s approval rating in August 2005 has plunged to only 36%, with 58% now disapproving. When ARG measured registered voters, Bush’s numbers were only slightly better at 38% job approval. Bush’s approval and disapproval ratings moved 6 points from their readings in July. ARG uses a model that produces a sample yielding a party ID breakdown of 37% Democrat, 35% GOP, and 28% Independent, numbers that are more reflective of recent elections and Harris’s party ID research than what Gallup yields week in and week out.

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