Monday :: Aug 22, 2005

Maybe There's A Reason Why The Pentagon Can't Substantiate Weldon's Able Danger Claims

by Steve

Those of you who felt it was a little too convenient that GOP representative Curt Weldon came out of the blue with his claims that a secret Pentagon unit identified Mohammed Atta and three associates as part of a domestic Al Qaeda cell during the last months of the Clinton presidency, only to see the Pentagon allegedly not pass this information on to the CIA or FBI will want to chew on this: the military analyst who worked in Operation Able Danger, and who made the claims public, coordinated his allegations in advance with the House GOP leadership, and Steven Cambone at the Pentagon, as well as Fox News.

The Post is reporting in tomorrow’s edition that the Pentagon has found nothing yet to substantiate what Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer has claimed, perhaps because Weldon and 9/11 Commission chairman Thomas Kean have fingered current NSA Stephen Hadley as someone who got the alleged information from Weldon about Able Danger’s work shortly after 9/11 and yet kept this information from the 9/11 Commission. What we may find here is that what started out as just another effort to redirect blame towards Clinton by Weldon and his buddies in the House GOP and Fox News turned into something that the Bush Administration doesn’t want its fingerprints on anymore, now that it turns out that Able Danger was terminated by Bush in March 2001, just as the operation found out how involved Saudi Arabia was in supporting Al Qaeda.

(hat tip to Raw Story and Laura Rozen)

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