Tuesday :: Aug 23, 2005

No Exit?

by Marie

Digby perfectly expresses what I’ve been feeling for about two years now: “I do know that I and others of "the left" who saw this debacle for what it was have earned a little fucking respect” Credibility Gap

We said, “Don’t go there.” “It’ll be a quagmire.” “Can’t you see that BushCo is feeding propaganda to the country to get his war on?” I’ve been watching this slow moving train wreck since election night 2000. Had already forewarned people I knew that if elected, Bush would have us in another war in Iraq. I know nothing about war planning and military strategies, but had few doubts that the US could march into Baghdad and overthrow Saddam. While the parallels were striking, I knew this quagmire would be different from the one in Vietnam (history echoes but doesn’t repeat). Also, only someone mad could believe that 130,000 troops and $20 billion dollars would do the trick. Shinseki’s 300,000 also seemed low. Anything less than what Saddam had to maintain order was probably too low.

I knew that the WMD was a hoax as was everything else those criminals said to have their way with Iraq. I knew it would be ugly, stupid, senseless and made worse by the incompetence of Bush and Cheney. And yet, it wasn’t until August 2003 that the full magnitude and horror of what we had done hit me. There’s NO EXIT.

That was partly by design. Bush and his Neo-Cons never really planned to leave. They’d set up new US military outposts and monitor Iraq’s oil “bidness.” It would turn into Texas on the Euphrates. Iran would then obey us or else. Anybody try anything against Israel and they’d have to answer to us. Bush was the final solution to the ME because he could authentically bridge Saudi Arabia and Israel. Only problem was that he never listened to his rhetoric about terrorists – or had any comprehension of how effective terrorist tactics can be against a great big military power like the US. They beat the French in Algiers, the Americans in Vietnam, the Russians in Afghanistan. Not to mention the decades old stalemate between Israel and the Palestinians.

Bush is between Iraq and a hard place (and it’s not Jeff Gannon).

1) He can’t pull out. His warhawk base would go ballistic and his patron Prince Bandar might have a thing or two to say about it as well. Then there’s the small matter of the wave of fundamentalist anti-American Islam that would sweep across the region. (You just know that bin Laden would be perfectly content to replace the Saudi Royals with himself and his brood. Al-Zawahiri would take over Egypt. And Iraq would still be in the middle of a mess.) It would be the end of the Neo-Con vision and the Neo-Cons, and I doubt they would go down with a whimper.
2) He can’t stay the course. Unless they do some sort of massive reorganization, the current troop strength cannot be maintained. Half the boots on the ground are Guards – they can’t give more and must soon give less. Recruitments are down. Mercenaries are too expensive to add more. The Coalition of the Bribed is melting away. Bush says that a draft is not an option.
3) The insurgents are not on their last legs. If anything they are getting stronger because they have nothing to lose.

Does Bush simply bury his head, deny reality and do nothing? Strangely, that would beat anything else he’s liable to do. Nixon tried the “expand the war” to “win it” ploy, but that might be the one element in our Vietnam experience that Americans will remember and just say, “No” this time. Iraq was never all that good for GWB. A majority in this country were never sold that it was a good idea. They merely capitulated because Congress and the UN didn’t object strenuously enough. Sure, their bloodlust led them to savor the pornographic images of Saddam’s sons being blown away, and seeing the mighty Saddam looking like a shipwreck victim in a hidey hold was momentarily satisfying. But in general, they never liked this war. What they liked about GWB was that after completely failing this country on 9/11, they bought the fantasy they he could lead the fight against “terrorists” better than anyone else. It was a belief thing devoid of facts – all of which indicated that GWB was as competent on this as he had been on everything in his life. (God only knows why Americans wanted this country to be run by two failed “businessmen.” They weren’t even businessmen but men installed at the top of businesses that they promptly trashed.)

What does a trapped rat do? Do we really want to know?

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