Wednesday :: Aug 24, 2005

When Will Disney Put An End To Robertson's Advocating For Political Murder?

by Steve

"It's not in the interest of any major corporation to be dragged into a highly charged partisan political battle"
--An unnamed senior Disney executive explaining why the corporation supposedly is averse to political speech

Ah, the company that didn’t want to be associated with a Michael Moore movie in an election season because they didn’t want to be tainted with politics has no problem standing behind Pat Robertson when he makes his bid for Bellevue by calling for a political murder.

See, if Robertson was a Muslim religious leader here in the United States who had said things that the government construed as being hostile to democracy here or overseas, he would have warranted an FBI investigation by now, and perhaps an indictment. But instead Pat gets to keep his show on Michael Eisner's network, and Bush continues to ignore his remarks.

Update: Well, it appears that Eisner and Disney are stuck with Crazy Marion until the rapture as Atrios says. According to commenter Tew over at Pandagon, under the terms of the contract that Crazy Marion had with Fox when they bought up his old network, he gets to stay on the show until he leaves, and since Disney only bought the contract and didn't do a new one, Disney is stuck. But Michael Eisner doesn't think Crazy Marion is that far right anyway, so they are a match made in the American Taliban's version of heaven.

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