Friday :: Aug 26, 2005

Prelude to a War

by Duckman GR

As Senator Feinstein continues to waffle and delude herself as to the nature of John Roberts and his place in the Bush hierarchy, note the importance and failures of the Democrats in Washington, and how Sen. Feinstein embodies it so well.

We’re in a war for the heart and soul of this country, and it’s way past time for the BWD’s (Belt Way Democrats) to see that. Take the Roberts nomination. A bushco operative nominated to the Supreme Court. Marshalling forces, Progressive groups and some Democratic politicians move in opposition; meanwhile, Feinstein, Biden, and Co. spew praise and warm thoughts on the nominee. Even as questions emerge about Roberts “reasonableness,” even as the White House stonewalls, and with the Bolton recess appointment snub still fresh and raw,

US wants to renegotiate draft UN reform agreement: report

The US amendments call for striking any mention of the 2000 Millennium Development Goals, ... to reduce poverty, preventable diseases and other scourges of the world's poor. [Can't have that]

In their stead, the US wants to underscore the importance of the 2002 Monterrey (Mexico) Consensus, that focused on free-market reforms ... the Post said.

The proposals also underscore US efforts to impose greater oversight of UN spending and to eliminate any reference to the International Criminal Court. [Gee, I wonder why?]

The US administration also opposes language that urges the five permanent members of the UN Security Council not to cast vetoes on resolutions to halt genocide, war crimes or ethnic cleansing, the daily added. [Couldn't have that either, bad for M.I.C. business]


Bolton has suggested replacing the entire document with a brief statement, ... the diplomats said.

Given that, Feinstein equivocates. She pursues the reasonable course. Friends, I do not come here to bury Feinstein, but to praise her. For Senator Feinstein is an honorable woman. But honor in a war is not always the best course, and let us be agreed, this is a war. Alas that Diane and her ilk do not, will not, see it so.

Rover knows it, Chairman Gov. Dean knows it. Steve knows it, Kos knows it, Big Time Dick knows it. But not the gentle lady from California. Barbara Boxer knows it, but not the Senior Senator from California. Let’s review.

The K St project aims to control the mother’s milk of politics. Bushco puts in place federal judges who will render un-Democratic decisions for decades, decisions that will slant increasingly towards the Culture of Corruption right. Democrats are smeared, labeled as traitors, and attacked in terms that de-legitimize our very existence, like Tom Daschle, and replaced by partisan hacks like Thune. Voting machines controlled by republicans are put in place to “run” our elections.

Everywhere you turn, the gop is becoming the permanent power in D.C. And the BWD’s respond with more conciliation, more deference, more cowardice. Remember those polls that peg Bush’s favorables in swirly territory, that also have the GOP congresscreatures and the Democratic congresscritters in that same bowl? That’s one consequence of the failure to oppose Bush.

In a war you’ve got to employ strategy to achieve your aims. Take the recall of Gray Davis for example. Party leaders tried to get Sen. Feinstein to run. But she chose herself over her party. So we got Lt. Gov Bustamante, and handed the Governorship to the GOP. Another consequence, and now the gop has this misshapen troll on our left flank, draining resources, wasting time, forcing the Democrats to wage battles on fronts we shouldn’t be facing.

We have state ballot measures to vote on in November courtesy of Schwarzenegger; money will be spent, time will be spent, resources will be spent, fighting them. Instead of fighting to replace the Duke Stir and take Cox’ seat in CA-48, we’re fighting Schwarzenkopfs initiatives, responding to his moves. Sure, given his un-popularity, those that get tied around his neck will go down to defeat. Treading water at considerable cost. And guess what else?

One proposition isn’t tied to Arnold and his miserable standing, and has a good chance of passing. And that’s the one that causes the most damage to the Democrats. That, my friends, is called strategy. A measure that goes directly at Democratic fundraising through Union Dues, allowing people to opt out their Dues from the political process, and forces the Unions to spend precious resources in admin costs, and of course doesn’t apply to Corporations as well. And if it passes, the Democrats take another hit.

This is a war for survival, and some Democrats need to start waking up to that uncomfortable fact. Some have. That’s why people were so fired up about Paul Hackett, because he joined that battle. That’s why Democratic people vilify the DLC and Biden and Feinstein. That’s why jj gets so pissed off.

Fear, timidity, cowardice, complacency, that’s the Feinstein way, and it’s literally killing us. That way is the road to abject failure. That way is the road to Gitmo for liberals and Democrats and Progressives and the Constitution of the United States of America, and it’s about god damned time some Democrats figure it out and start acting on that realization.

Of course, Digby says a lot of this better than I, by way of explanation of the cowardice of the left.

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