Friday :: Aug 26, 2005

Iraqis Reach Impasse On Constitution - "This Is The End Of The Road"

by Steve

After Bush personally intervened today and tried to pressure the Shiites to compromise (something he himself has no concept of), a government spokesman has now said that the parties are hopelessly deadlocked and that “this is the end of the road.” The Shiites want to take the constitution directly to the voters without a consensus, and the Sunnis are now telling their brethren to vote down the constitution in October.

Bush's overture, made in a telephone call to a top Shiite leader, did little to calm the increasingly strident rhetoric. A process designed to bring Iraq's disparate communities together appeared to be tearing them apart.
Sadoun Zubaydi, a Sunni member of the drafting committee, had said he did not expect an end to the constitutional impasse soon and blamed the Americans for interfering in what was supposed to be an Iraqi process.
"Bush's hypocrisy is huge — in January he wouldn't allow a postponement of parliamentary elections to allow all groups to prepare properly because he was trying to sugarcoat everything that happens here for his domestic audience," Zubaydi said.
"Now, he's calling the Shiites and issuing instructions that they should not ignore the group that was marginalized in those defective elections. ... To the last minute, this supposedly Iraqi process is being dictated by the U.S. government."

Swell. George, the Pottery Barn is calling.

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