Friday :: Aug 26, 2005

How Was The Potato Salad, Bitches?

by Steve

Read Froomkin’s piece in today’s Post, and then have no wonder why the supposedly librul White House Press Corps is a little too cozy with this regime.

About 50 members of the White House press corps accepted President Bush's invitation last night to come over to his house in Crawford, eat his food, drink his booze, hang around the pool and schmooze with him -- while promising not to tell anyone what he said afterward.
And in spite of all the recent press demands for senior administration officials to stay on the record more often, the press corps can't resist an offer of face time with the president, pretty much no matter what the conditions.
Nevertheless, I'm told that several reporters expressed squeamishness about last night's event, particularly as the press-pool vans drove by antiwar protester Cindy Sheehan's "Camp Casey" site. And later, a small handful watched askance as the rest fawned over Bush, following him around in packs every time he moved.

All I want to know is whether or not Jeff Gannon passed out his business cards in the receiving line.

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