Saturday :: Aug 27, 2005

If Roberts Helped Set Up NHAO, Hearings Will Revisit Ties Between Iran Contra and Drugs

by Steve

Does John Roberts have his fingerprints on the Reagan Administration’s support for Central American drug runners in the 1980’s? And how excited is John Kerry at the chance to relive the work of his subcommittee during the Roberts confirmation hearings?

You will recall that the Washington Post reported earlier this week that Senate Democrats want to know why a draft memo that outlined the legal advice given by Roberts to the Reagan White House on how to get around the Boland Amendment from the Reagan Library archives has been withheld from the Senate after Rove sent the scrubbers to the library earlier this month.

There probably is good reason for the Bush White House to want such documents to disappear, because the Kerry subcommittee found that the drug cartels used the Contra supply network set up by Oliver North and his buddies on the southern front and the cash sent to the Contras to fund humanitarian projects to support their drug trafficking operations into the United States. It needs to be remembered that Roberts did the legal work for the Reagan White House that guided them on how to get around the Boland Amendment by establishing the Nicaraguan Humanitarian Assistance Office (NHAO), an enterprise that was used by North and one Elliott Abrams to fund the Contras and provided a transportation infrastructure for drug running into the United States.

I’m sure Kerry is looking forward to these hearings a great deal.

(Thanks to sans-culotte for the tip)

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