Monday :: Aug 29, 2005

Religious Extremists Cause GOP Problems

by Steve

I hope Karl is happy with the genie he let out of the bottle in order to get Bush re-elected last year. Many of us have suspected that in his drive to scare voters from the pews to the polls last year, Rove would manage to empower many evangelical extremists into thinking that their moment had come. Some of these nuts would crawl out from under the rocks and take advantage of the new media spotlight to do despicable things, like protest at the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and claim that God is punishing them and the country for tolerating gays. Please note, those aren’t liberals holding those signs and wrapping themselves in the flag; those are evangelical cultists of the Fred Phelps’ congregation of Kansas (where else?).

Think that this is nothing more than an isolated case of just another evangelical cultist taking advantage of his 15 minutes of fame? Perhaps. Then there is the case of Christian Exodus, which is a growing movement committed to establishing a Christian nation within the United States. They plan to do this by moving to South Carolina, getting like-minded Christians elected to local offices county by county, and building a movement for a religious secession from the United States using the GOP as their host organism. And this prospect finds the state and local GOP having to prepare to fight it out with their own base.

Neither Phelps' congregation nor Christian Exodus are representative of the majority of red states voters or the GOP base, but their willingness to visibly operate in an environment created by Rove's politicization of nutcase extremism is a headache for the GOP to manage in the coming years.

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