Monday :: Aug 29, 2005

Bush's War And Budget Cuts Make Things Worse For Katrina Victims

by Steve

As southern Louisiana wades its way out of its terror and destruction, they will find that thanks to the Bush Administration there will be over 4,000 fewer Louisiana National Guard and Army Reserve troops available to assist in this emergency. Why? Because those troops are over in Iraq getting shot at and helping to deliver the country into Iran’s waiting arms. (Thanks to Bob Geiger over at the Yellow Dog blog).

As for what the House GOP leadership and the White House have done to help Louisiana prevent such a catastrophe, again their fingerprints are on this debacle as well. The Bush Administration had planned to slash the Army Corps of Engineers’ budget for flood control projects in the greater New Orleans area by upwards of 20% in fiscal year 2006, starting October 1 of this year. Because of the pending budget cuts, the New Orleans district began to implement serious budget cuts and a hiring freeze in May 2005, leaving the Corps undermanned and flat-footed for this catastrophe. And we had to cut the budget here at home for the Corps so that we could spend billions without accountability for Halliburton and corruption in Iraq.

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