Tuesday :: Aug 30, 2005

Bush Says One Thing, His Ambassador Says Another On Iraqi Charter

by Steve

"The document they have produced contains far-reaching protections for fundamental human freedoms, including religion, assembly, conscience and expression. It vests sovereignty in the people to be expressed by secret ballot and regular elections. It declares that all Iraqis are equal before the law without regard to gender, ethnicity and religion. This is a document of which the Iraqis and the rest of the world can be proud."
----Bush, endorsing the Iraqi constitution as completed, Sunday, August 28th

"With regards to the constitution, as I said before, if Iraqis among themselves, in the assembly and those from outside, decide to make some adjustments compared to the draft that was presented three four days ago, it's entirely up to them. ...I believe that a final, final draft has not yet been, or the edits have not been, presented yet so that is something that Iraqis will have to talk to each other and decide for themselves."
--US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, telling reporters today that the law means nothing in Iraq

OK, so what is it? Is the Iraqi constitution as completed fine with the Bush Administration, or are we to accept daily flip-flops from the Bush guys as they take a pliable approach to what Iraqi law says about the completion and submission of a document to the voters? The Bush gang is providing new proof daily that democracy is messy in Iraq, just like they have damaged democracy here in America. The numbers of flip-flops with these guys continue to pile up, as it is clear that Bush and his own people aren’t on the same page (I thought that Khalilzad reported to Condi?)

The Arab League has come out against the document, and the Sunnis are considering whether they want to openly fight to kill this document and start over, knowing that the next document may not be better and may be worse, or to keep pushing to tweak this one so that it meets their concerns on federalism, and then aim for getting more seats in the new Parliament once the constitutional fight is over. But can the document be tweaked enough on federalism to suit the Sunnis without the Shiites and Kurds resisting? And again, any tweaking as suggested by Khalilzad is past the legal deadline, now that the Shiites and Kurds stopped negotiations and pushed ahead with much fanfare to deliver a document to Parliament.

The end result here, of course, is to get a document that as many Iraqis as possible can support in October so that the country can move on to the next phase and we can get our troops the hell out of there. Bush will be held accountable for how women are treated and how much influence Islamic clerics and Iran have on the new, "liberated" Iraq he and PNAC have delivered to the Iraqi people and the region.

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