Wednesday :: Aug 31, 2005

He's Monitoring The Catastrophe - From A Mile Up

by Steve

As the mayor of New Orleans tells us the worst, that in fact there will be thousands of deaths from Katrina, we can take comfort that our commander in chief is “monitoring” the flying over it at an altitude of 5,000 feet on his way back from his vacation.

Sometimes an image does speak a thousand words. After all, in the Bush value system we're not talking about a Florida hurricane or Terri Schaivo here, so obviously there was no need for him to actually drop in, or cut short his vacation and immediately fly back to Washington yesterday. And for Bush, this doesn't merit a "bullhorn on the rubble" moment either, because, well, this isn't about terrorism, but rather Mother Nature, poor people, and his own negligence.

Lastly, do the callous and pompous assholes in the White House really think this image makes the president look like he is concerned about the tragedy unfolding (literally) beneath him?

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