Friday :: Sep 2, 2005

If Rupert Can Do It, Why Can't George?

by pessimist

One of my resume items is having been a news producer and technical crew for local electronic news gathering. I've been one of those who goes out into the night seeking out the facts (with visuals! Can't forget the visuals!) about some event or personality for presentation over the air.

I know how much equipment it takes for your average video field crew to do their jobs. It almost equals that which your average National Guardsman would have to handle when going to the aid of American citizens after a natual disaster like Katrina - assuming, of course, that they weren't buried in the desert sand in a foreign land while on a fool's errand to steal oil for GOP Topper SUVs to toodle to the mall and stimulate the economy.

We all see the evidence on our TVs that every single news organization has managed to make it to (and into) New Orleans in force, seeking out the facts (with visuals! Can't forget the visuals!) about how people in the Crescent City are trying to stay alive. In fact, they were there the next day after the storm moved on ready to televise the misery.

If Rupert Murdoch (FAUX News) and Michael Eisner (ABC) and Sumner Redstone (CBS) and Bob Wright (NBC) and all the others can immediately marshall enough of their 'troops' to show the need, WHY CAN'T GEORGE W. BU$H IMMEDIATELY MARSHALL ENOUGH OF HIS TO DEAL WITH SATISFYING THAT NEED?

Reports from this morning are indicating that US troops are just now getting into the city. This is unacceptable for a man who bragged about sending US soldiers anywhere in the world at a moment's notice to fight terrorism.

That raucous laughter in the background? Oh, that's only Osama enjoying the irony in my last paraphrase of a King George comment. He knows that if George can't manage to move troops to New Orleans in less than several days, he certainly can't manage to send Green Berets or SEALS after him in his Riyadh hidey-hole, much less to Afghanistan or Pakistan, or any other -stan Bu$hCo wants him to be.

Curses! Failed Again!

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