Sunday :: Sep 4, 2005

Open Thread

by Steve

I'll have something to say about the passing of William Rehnquist later today, but suffice to say 1) the filibuster is dead and gone, and the Democrats should be ready to fight three confirmation battles now; and 2) please, aside from our thoughts and prayers for his family, no one should shed a tear for a man who never cared about civil rights, the truth (he lied at his confirmation hearing), and a man who pushed for Bush V. Gore. Get ready for the White House to put forward Antonin Scalia as his replacement, and then another wingnut to replace Scalia. You see, with Rehnquist's passing and the chance to have Scalia in charge and another out-of-the-mainstream candidate jurist, the American Taliban thinks that Roberts was their token nod to moderation.

I may also wonder later today why the Post seems determined to assist the White House in its efforts to blame Louisiana and New Orleans officials for the feds not responding for five days.

Until then, take it away.

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