Monday :: Sep 5, 2005

'nobody thought ...'

by pessimist

The sorriest phrase I've been hearing over the last week is 'nobody thought ...'.

Nobody thought that the storm would be so bad. Nobody thought the evacuation orders were necessary or to be followed. Nobody thought about where to put so many people, or how to get them there. Nobody thought about what to feed them with, or to provide sanitary facilities. Nobody thought to stage relief units away from the storm's track, but near enough to reach victims as quickly as possible. Nobody thought to set up temporary and effective communication hubs. Nobody thought that response would be so slow, or so ineptly handled.

Nobody thought.

This country didn't come about because Nobody thought. Principles that few people today even know much about occupied the thoughts of the Colonial elites. Concepts that few people today even believe in - like compassion, fairness and justice - dominated the designs of those who later made us a nation.

Nobody is thinking about Condi's blatherings while in Alabama, a state which certainly suffered damage, but nothing like its neighbors to the west. No one is thinking about the distraction such comments create, taking attention away from the legitimate accusations of neglect and abuse aimed at Bu$hCo.

One has to wonder if the only person thinking is Army Lt. Gen. Russell Honore, because only he seems to be getting much accomplished - even in the most devastated area of New Orleans. He is the only one reminding America that the local officials being charged by Bu$hCo with the blame were also themselves victims (statements made Sunday on FOX News).

It's time people in this country got back to thinking. A democratic republic cannot long survive if only top military officers do all the thinking.

Or are the only ones who can.

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