Tuesday :: Sep 6, 2005

FEMA's Team of GOP Flunkies

by Steve

If you think that former horse attorney Michael Brown is inept and out of his depth as the Director of FEMA, wait until you see the rest of the high-powered management team that Bush installed to run our nation's disaster preparedness and emergency response functions.

Osama is laughing right now. He couldn't get a better simulation of how unprepared we are for an attack than the pathetic response these GOP flunkies have provided. Katrina has laid bare the incompetence underneath this regime since Day One, an incompetence that has been papered over by the fear campaign of "all terror, all the time" and enabled by a complicit media.

I am guilty of this myself, but we need to remember that these miserable pricks are the same guys that blew Social Security privatization, the Medicare drug bill, and the Iraqi occupation among other things. They never have been any good at actually running the government, and are only good at destroying other people. And now their negligence has manifested itself in the deaths of thousands here at home, almost four years to the day after their first act of craven negligence led to 9/11. It's time to call them out for being the miserable failures that they have been since the first day Rehnquist delivered the White House to this crime family.

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