Friday :: Sep 9, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

How is Bush like God? Well, we've all heard that God must like the poor because he made so many of them. And gosh, Bush sure does delight in making them too.

Remember how the Republicans warned that government couldn't be trusted with your hard-earned money? I guess that Bush wanted to demonstrate that giving government your tax dollars to prepare for disaster would result in a mighty big disaster. Kiss your credit card good-bye as Halliburton, Joe Allbaugh and other Bush friends come in to "fix" things up after Katrina.

Bush ran on the platform that he was an experienced CEO who could run the country like it was his own bizness. With such highly qualified people selected on his watch (see Michael Brown, Berni Kerik, John Bolton, Condi Rice) it's not surprising to see how successful our first MBA president has been at accomplishing his mission. (Thanks to Mitchell Gore for the excellent flash animation.)

Oh, wow. Bush admin can't get no respect. The BBC says that even the Red Cross is piling on FEMA.

It's your turn now.

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