Friday :: Sep 9, 2005

AP/Ipsos: Bush Down To 39%

by Steve

This morning's AP/Ipsos poll taken through yesterday shows that Bush's approval rating has fallen through the 40% floor, and now is down to 39%, with 59% disapproving of his job performance. The poll shows that 65% say the country is headed in the wrong direction, and a majority support rebuilding New Orleans only above sea level.

I think we are reaching the floor of Bush's support when we get to the high 30's, and I would not expect his approval rating to fall much further, simply because there are about 35% in this country that I believe are true cultists who would never turn against Bush, no matter what he does. This poll confirms that in a way, when you see that even with these low overall approval numbers for Bush and the direction of the country, more of those polled blame the "federal government" for not being prepared, while a relatively small number blame Bush personally, as if Bush wasn't responsible for the lying, unqualified political hacks he himself appointed to his government in these areas.

Bush has already gotten whatever discount in his poll numbers he is likely to get from Iraq, as the public has made its mind up about the war. They are already resigned to the impact of higher energy costs on themselves as a result of Bush's failed policies, as is expressed in his dismal approval ratings on that subject and the direction of the economy. The only way I see these numbers falling from the high 30's/low 40's where they are at now, into the mid-30's would be if Bush makes a back-door play to go after Social Security privatization or pushes for more tax cuts in the midst of this tragedy, or if Patrick Fitzgerald comes out now with something damning on the Plame investigation.

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