Friday :: Sep 9, 2005

Mr. "Heck of a Job" About To Be Shown The Door

by Steve

“Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”
--Bush, last Friday.

Sources tell ABC News that FEMA Director Michael Brown is expected to be out soon.
--ABC News, a few minutes ago

So much for Bush's judgment....

Update: It's even worse. Unable to admit error, Bush doesn't have the guts to fire Brown, so he is relieving him of command over the Katrina effort and is sending him back to Washington, where his ability to lead the agency is forever compromised.

Do these pathetic f*cks in the White House think this shows accountability? The guy is a lying political hack who can't run the agency well enough to perform its essential functions, yet he is replaced on the ground and sent back to the Beltway to still run the agency? Yeah, that should work. How soon will it be before those in Bush's own party start asking about what sense this move made?

Maybe he can run horse shows from his office. Oops, that's right. He was dumped from that job too.

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