Monday :: Sep 12, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

It looks like Rummy's march might have been a bust, 'coz as John at Americablog found when he went down to check out the crowds, the grounds looked awfully deserted and cleaned up for having had over ten thousand people present just a couple of hours earlier:

I've seen a lot of marches on the mall in my 20+ years in Washington, but I've never seen one where 15,000 people arrive between 11am and noon, and are all gone, and everything's cleaned up, two hours later.

The Washington Post, who earlier had backed out of financially sponsoring the "Freedom March", reported that some 4000 people joined the march. March organizers said that there were more than 15000 joining the day.

Meanwhile, don't miss John's takedown of Newsweek's How Bush Blew It piece. Honestly, when I first read Newsweek's piece, I wondered if the CapitalHillBlue people hadn't taken over Newsweek because the stories of the Bush not seen in public were not very flattering at all.

It's your topic now.

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