Monday :: Sep 12, 2005

Mr. Duct Tape Replaces "Brownie" Apparently Without Bush Knowing That Brownie Was Gone

by Steve

Sorry for the site inaccessibility this afternoon. Apparently, we were affected by the Los Angeles power outage. While we were out, the White House showed more signs of disarray.

Bush wasted no time in finding former FEMA chief Mike Brown’s successor when R. David Paulison was named today from within FEMA to succeed Brown. You may remember Paulison’s claim to fame as being the man who told us several years ago that the best way to protect ourselves from a chemical weapons attack was to stock up on duct tape, water, and to kiss our asses good bye. (that last bit was an editorial remark). And if you want to know how bad it has become in the White House, Bush didn’t even know that Brown had resigned today, even though Brown told the media that he had discussed this with Andy Card Saturday.

I guess Andy was too scared to talk with Bush about this.

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