Tuesday :: Sep 13, 2005

Bush Accepts Responsibility for Administration's Failings Over Katrina

by Steve

Several days after he disputed Nancy Pelosi's assertion that things had gone wrong with the federal government's response to Katrina, Bush said this morning that he takes responsibility for the federal government's problems in responding to the disaster. Very smart move in an effort to put behind him the dismal performance at the federal level, while still leaving out there the role that failures at the state and local level played in the tragedy. More tellingly, when asked if the country can count on the federal government being ready for another natural disaster or terrorist attack, Bush punted and gave a guarded answer.

I'd like to think that once he stepped out of his cocoon and now that he has seen first hand how his administration has failed here, Bush is simply acknowledging the obvious. But this probably has more to do with his GOP sycophants in Congress telling him to eat it and move on because they are all reading the same polls regarding 2006. Either way, it will undercut those on the right who are still trying to defend FEMA and the administration's performance in this debacle, and that is a positive development.

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