Friday :: Sep 16, 2005

Is Rudy Stupid?

by Marie

Lots of talk about a Katrina czar. Should gain momentum in the coming days. Two names that have surfaced are Colin Powell and Rudy. If Powell wants to scrape some of the GWB doo-doo from his shoes, working for him again would not seem to be the best way to go about it. But what about Rudy?

Why would the 9/11 hero want to risk his stature by assuming the position to oversee the reconstruction of the Gulf? Like GWB, Rudy received public acclaim for doing nothing more than saying that he was in control and doing a walkabout the WTC site. Reconstructing the Gulf will require work. Work that will be scrutinized and judged for skill, competence and results. That will take years to accomplish.

Doubt that Rudy is that stupid. And if he is, doubt that this country would like the results of his efforts in that position. It’s going to take a southerner. That understands something of the culture of the region. Someone that knows all the ins and outs of local and federal governments. Someone that has close ties to the corporate world. Someone with the stamina to work hard. Someone with something to prove to the country. Someone that knows how to “feel the pain” of the victims. Someone that loves being on center stage.

Sounds like the perfect job for Clinton. (And maybe it will do for him what GWB did for Powell and Tenet.)

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