Friday :: Sep 16, 2005

Bush: Protect The Wealthy, Cut Spending To Pay For Katrina

by Steve

"We can handle it?" Who is we?

Last night was the speech, talking about rebuilding New Orleans and paying any price to do so. Earlier today was the “armies of compassion” BS from Bush and his cash-and-carry black clergyman T. D. Jakes at a national remembrance for Katrina victims.

And then, after the nice words and when no one was looking, we get the agenda. The GOP will use a national tragedy once again to protect the rich from any sacrifice, and to argue that spending needs to be cut.

Blow me Skippy. We have seen this act before, and you’re not even good at it anymore. If you want to stick the necks of your vulnerable GOP incumbents through the noose next year of “protect the rich, gut the rest,” I’m more than happy to kick the legs of the stool out from under your party in 2006.

Show me your spending cuts you pathetic prick. And then let’s have some fun between now and November 2006.

It's time the wealthy started paying for your negligence. The rest of us have given at the office already.

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