Sunday :: Sep 18, 2005

Bush Administration Hires Winston Smith to Work at the Ministry of Truth

by Mary

The Bush administration sent out a press release on Friday saying that they had appointed Dr. Norris Alderson to be the acting director for the Office of Women's Health to fill the position that was vacated when Susan Wood quit in protest. The press release was picked up by MS Magazine, Planned Parenthood, my co-blogger Magpie on Pacific Views and Tim Grieve at Salon. What was Alderson's primary expertise? He's had years as a veterinarian.

Very soon after that, the press release "disappeared" from the government site and a new press release showed that Ms. Theresa A. Toigo had been made the acting director. Grieve provided the google cache link to the original press release, but when you look at it now, it had been turned into an advisory on buying drugs on the internet. Then Magpie found another link that showed Alderson with his new title in the Office of Women's health. Funny thing, now that link has been updated too. But Magpie captured the original before it could be changed.

Such busy people over at the FDA these days. How many other documents are they "changing" these days?

Updated: the link Magpie found still has Dr. Alderson (correct spelling) as the acting director. So they fixed the Google cache page, but missed the HHS page.

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