Sunday :: Sep 18, 2005

Bush's New Orleans Speech Flopped With The Base

by Steve

If you are thinking of buying the GOP spin that Bush’s speech the other night helped him with the public on his handling of Katrina, think again.

Thirty-five percent (35%) of Americans now say that President Bush has done a good or excellent job responding to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. That's down from 39% before his speech from New Orleans.
The latest Rasmussen Reports survey shows that 41% give the President poor marks for handling the crisis, that's up 37% before the speech.

Specifically, how did the base like Dear Leader’s speech? They didn’t, and that may have consequences for the future.

The spending plan has not been well received by conservative voters--just 43% favor the huge federal commitment partisan while 37% are opposed. This is especially striking given how supportive the President's base has remained throughout his Administration.
Following the speech, the President's rating for handling the Katrina crisis fell eight points among Republicans (from 71% good or excellent to 63%).


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