Sunday :: Sep 18, 2005

Agreement Reached With North Korea On Ramping Down Their Nuclear Program

by Steve

Congratulations to the Bush Administration, and those inside the administration who argued continuously for negotiations with North Korea, against the hard line thinking of Dick Cheney and John Bolton, on the good news that an agreement was reached late today on a comprehensive preliminary agreement that appears to end Pyongyang's pursuit of a nuclear weapons program. Props to Colin Powell and now Condi Rice, and yes, Bush himself, for giving negotiations led by China a chance to succeed, and for overcoming the advice of Cheney and others to ignore North Korea and isolate them.

Although there is no telling how many nuclear weapons were made by the North and possibly sold to outsiders during the time that the Bush Administration took the hard line against negotiations and deprived the world of onsite inspections, the agreement is a huge step in the right direction. We can hope now that both the North and Cheney refrain from their usual instability in scuttling this accord.

Now perhaps the administration can see from this victory the fruits of multilateral pressure, rather than war, and cobble together an international wall of opposition to the saber-rattling from the new nutcases in Iran about their nuclear aims.

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