Tuesday :: Sep 20, 2005

Harry Reid Will Vote Against John Roberts

by Steve

Harry Reid says he will vote against John Roberts.

You hear several theories suggesting that the Democrats go along with Roberts by simply allowing their senators to do what they want, knowing that short of a filibuster there aren't enough votes to stop him. Behind this "go along" theory is the notion that the Democrats need to signal to Bush that they will play ball with an allegedly moderate nominee, because if they show Bush that they will go all out to fight a supposed moderate, then Bush has no reason not to throw a far right nominee out there for the O'Connor seat.

To which I say BS. First, Bush will nominate whomever he wants for the O'Connor seat regardless of what the Democrats do on Roberts. Second, I want Bush to nominate a loon for the O'Connor seat so that we can have the big battle now. Bush is politically feeble now, and a guy with approval ratings in the low 40's is in no position to dictate anything to the Senate.

I want the vulnerable GOP Senators to have to line up behind a far right nominee in advance of next year's elections. I want Bush to tell us with a straight face after Katrina that the best person for the job is Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owen, Michael Luttig, or any of the other far right choices he could make. And I want to force the nuclear option now, to make it clear to voters what one party control of Washington means, especially with the party facing a 12-point generic ballot deficit employing the arrogance of power right now.

So Democrats, vote against Roberts to show displeasure with how he avoided answering questions, (even though I would be surprised if more than twenty Democrats voted no). But definitely be ready to go to war on the next pick, and start acting like you are ready to reacquire power on behalf of the silent majority, instead of kow-towing to the American Taliban.

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