Wednesday :: Sep 21, 2005

Deja Vu All Over Again

by pessimist

For all the blather today from the White House about how much they learned from Katrina's assault on New Orleans, one has to wonder when one hears the mayor of Galveston indicate to an ABC News reporter on the network news show tonight that FEMA isn't in communication with her concerning the evacuation and shelter of the residents of her town - or naything else for that matter.

One is prompted to ask just what lessons Bu$hCo DID learn from Katrina. Let's take a WAG (wild-ass guess) at it: Katrina, Rita, and the mayor of Galveston are all females.


I'll bet they have already connected with manly-man Gov. Rick "Good Hair" Perry!

("Good Hair" nickname stolen from Molly Ivins)

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