Thursday :: Sep 22, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

The Bush Culture of Corruption is heading into the unpredictable shoals of the legal system. So many Bush political appointees are being exposed as the hacks and greedy criminals that they are. Why, you ask, are there so many hacks? As Liberal Oasis lets us know, the reason the Bush administration has to find hacks for the jobs is because:

When your government staff is reality-based, it’s hard to make them implement a reckless, corrupt agenda.

How many stories have you seen this past month about good people leaving the government to escape the malicious incompetence of the people Bush put in charge? Indeed, today we find that the CIA appears to be on life support under Porter Goss if the departing number two official is correct.

So the question is, how deep has the Bush gangrene eaten into the institutions we rely on for executing the laws and making the rules that govern our daily lives? Somehow I don't think we can wait much longer to find out, because gangrene that is not cut out kills the host.

On that happy note, I turn it over to you.

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