Thursday :: Sep 22, 2005

Safavian Arrest One More Worry For White House

by Steve

The recent arrest of a former Bush OMB official will work its way up into the hierarchy of the GOP and Bush White House. Bloomberg reports this morning that the connections David Safavian had with Tom DeLay, Grover Norquist, and Bob Ney ensures that there will be sleepless nights for many inside the House GOP caucus. But as the AP reports this morning that Safavian’s attorney is complaining that her client is being squeezed to turn against higher ups in the GOP, Josh Marshall writes in The Hill today that more attention needs to paid to how Safavian’s arrest will concern the Bush White House, and the need for Alberto Gonzales to send this case outside of the DOJ as well due to the obvious conflict of interest.

Hat tip to Jesse Lee at The Stakeholder.

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