Thursday :: Sep 22, 2005

More Post-Katrina News

by Steve

More post-Katrina stuff that is very interesting:

First, David Broder goes after Bush on his latent commitment to fighting poverty and racial inequality:

Second, forget the Bush Administration claim that the unprecedented size of the storm caused the levees to break. In fact, the reason why the levees gave way was due to faulty design and inadequate construction of the levees by the contractor(s) chosen by the Army Corps of Engineers, and that makes it a federal responsibility to remedy.

Third, Richard Cohen writes about the “curse of Texas” where presidents from that state have shown gross fiscal irresponsibility.

Bob Novak writes that Bush’s “base” of rich folks seems to be turning against him.

Peggy Noonan of all people whines about the Bush Administration’s fiscal irresponsibility, although she never squawked if I remember when Bush was throwing money at Halliburton and Iraq.

Lastly, William Arkin makes it clear once and for all that Bush already had the authority to send in the troops to respond to Katrina without waiting for a state request, which makes the administration’s dithering all the more maddening.

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