Thursday :: Sep 22, 2005

Now Even The Saudis Say Iraq Is Heading Towards "Disintegration"

by Steve

Gee, even the Saudis now say that Iraq is heading towards disintegration, unless the United States finds a way to bring the warring factions together.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen. The Saudis want everyone to conveniently forget that they were one of the cheerleaders for the war, and now they are willing to shoot Bush in the back by saying that the Administration made several mistakes, such as Bremer's removal of the Sunni Baathists from the new government. Now the Saudis are concerned that Iran is too powerful, and that the Bush Administration is a little too pollyannish about the January election and the upcoming constitutional referendum.

Let the Saudis sweat this one out. If they find it uncomfortable to have an Iranian-supported, oil-rich province on their northern border within a couple of years, they will be reaping what they have sown.

If the Saudis are so concerned that their friends George and Dick have made a hash of things in Iraq, maybe they should cough up 10,000 Sunni troops to help us out in the Sunni triangle, instead of sitting on the sidelines and throwing rocks.

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