Friday :: Sep 23, 2005

Pseudo-Con Homeland Security, Latino's, and "The Buses"

by Duckman GR

This is how they do it. They don’t say, “No Mexicans allowed” or “No Arabic people allowed.” They make it come out all reasonable, just following the law. But it works the same way. And are they doing this in Dallas and Houston and Baton Rouge too?

How do they know they’re illegal aliens? Do you have to have ID to board a bus these days? Is that how it works? Can’t pay cash for things, have to show papers?

Better start carrying those papers, Americans. Better start liking that National ID card Jimmy and james reported on.

Now, this isn’t a slam on Greyhound, either. Because what they do or don’t do, as the article points out, [i]n spite of Greyhound's warnings to employees, passengers aren't asked for id... cards, just their names. The instances of customers being refused a ticket have been "very rare, if ever," Folmnsbee said, isn’t the issue. It’s what the pseudo-cons do with these things, how they worm their insidious racism and demagoguery and freedom hatred into our country.

You watch, they’ll start pushing some law, in the name of Fatherland Security, requiring valid ID for inter-municipality travel or some such. And then those opposed will be called America haters and in league with the terrorists.

And speaking of buses, get a load of this, via Atrios.

Pantuso, whose members include some of the nation's largest motor coach companies, including Greyhound and Coach USA, eventually learned that the job of extracting tens of thousands of residents from flooded New Orleans wasn't being handled by FEMA at all.

Instead the agency had farmed the work out to a trucking logistics firm, Landstar Express America, which in turn hired a limousine company, which in turn engaged a travel management company.

Remember all the bitching about how Ray Nagin didn’t get the buses in to NO? Do you still wonder why? And this isn’t a case of the private sector taking care of business better than the Federal Government. This is a case study of exactly why the Feds exist, because the private sector cannot act quickly and with enough coordination to get the job done. This is an example of the failure of the private sector, not because they did things wrong necessarily, but because they don’t have the capability, the capacity, the time, or the focus, to handle this sort of charge, on top of their business duties. Even if they were contracted by the Feds to do that very thing, the Feds are only one part of their portfolio, and, don’t you know, shareholders come first, particularly large ones like the Frists of the world, then management, then who cares after that.

Free market my ass. There ain't nothin free, and that includes our 'dom.

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