Friday :: Sep 23, 2005

Bush Ghettoes

by Steve

Why is the Bush Administration insisting on shoehorning the victims of Katrina into FEMA trailer parks scattered all throughout the South for an open-ended period of time, when there is available HUD housing and other federal government options readily available? Why is the Bush Administration insisting on making the affected states file for waiver modifications to their Medicaid programs to provide health care to the Katrina victims, making those states wait weeks for a response, when the federal government also has other options?

How come this conservative administration, which fronts for a conservative movement that has touted the benefits of choice and vouchers for decades, isn't simply providing time-limited housing and health care vouchers for the victims to make their own choices of where to live and access health care, as well as to reestablish roots for jobs and schooling? Why is the administration, whose leader talked a good game last week, still too willing to consign these victims to live in Bush trailer park ghettoes and clog up local emergency rooms to access health care?

And why are these conservatives so willing to abandon their core principles when it comes to treating these largely poor folks as second class citizens, when many of those who were displaced by Hurricane Charley (remember, it was one of those well-run FEMA Florida hurricanes from last year’s election season) still haven’t been able to return home?

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