Saturday :: Sep 24, 2005

Why Frist's Lies Harm Bush's SCOTUS Plans

by Steve

It’s getting worse for Bill Frist. It now turns out that he lied about what he knew regarding his holdings of HCA stock in his blind trust. He told the media back in 2002 that he didn't know if he had HCA stock in the blind trust, yet this statement was two weeks after he was in fact told he did have HCA stock in the trust. If he is lying about this, what else is he lying about?

Why is this important? It’s not important for 2008, because Frist was no longer a serious competitor, and you can bet that one of his competitors and an angry peer are steering what is happening now (hello Little Ricky, Sam Brownie, and Trent). It is important to bloody Frist now because when the Fitzgerald bombs come out shortly, it will show the public that the GOP leadership in this country is a criminal enterprise. And that development, and its timing, are very important not only for 2006, but also because of the upcoming fight for the O’Connor seat on the SCOTUS. Neither Frist, nor anyone else in the Senate GOP leadership, House GOP leadership, or White House will be in any position to rain down righteous anger about a Democratic filibuster of a far right pick, even a black, female, or Hispanic pick, if the GOP leadership in this country is ethically challenged to say the least.

With both Lincoln Chafee and Olympia Snowe signaling that they will not support anyone for the O’Connor seat who changes the existing ideological balance on the court, you can bet that there will be other GOP senators, possibly within the Gang of 14, who would not allow Frist to employ the nuclear option when Reid says “Go ahead, make my day.” Compromising Frist right now undercuts Bush’s ability to ram through a far right pick, if it turns out that Frist is weeks away from an SEC insider trading indictment from a US attorney. Bush will get no help because of Frist’s problems and there may now be a leadership challenge within the Senate GOP at a critical time. That means Bush is heading for a splintered caucus and a train wreck on that pick, because the American Taliban will go nuts if they can’t ram through a winger jurist after having to swallow the Roberts pick.

Let me pour you another one there, George. You’re going to need it.

Hat tips to Armando and manyoso over at the DailyKos, as well as Atrios.

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