Sunday :: Sep 25, 2005

Only 400 Show Up For Pro-War Rally In DC Today

by Steve

Well, so much for the pro-war rally in Washington, D. C. today. A day after several hundred thousand protested the Iraq war in the nation’s capital, pro-war activists were aiming to get 20,000 to rally and attack Cindy Sheehan.

Only 400 showed up.

Oh sure, those that showed up had their fifteen minutes of fame to trash Sheehan, and Senator Jeff Sessions, who managed to miss the Vietnam war by getting into the Army Reserves at the age of 27 when the war was almost over, gave a speech criticizing those who oppose the Iraq war.

But if the best you can do is rally 400 people to your cause, then let’s dispense with any sense of equivalency between the fervor and dedication of those who support the war with those who oppose it, OK? I mean, a turnout of 20,000 for a pro-war rally in DC to me would have been respectable.

But 400?

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