Sunday :: Sep 25, 2005

Presidenting is Hard Work

by Mary

Katrina has exposed Bush and his administration for the greedy fools and hacks they are. And it has exposed how little they care about Americans or their concerns. As the American public have realized the crassness of these phony leaders, the poll numbers for Bush have dropped like a rock.

Bush and his handlers know they've lost control of the narrative and so this weekend was a photo-shoot designed to provide a story for the gullible public that Bush was in charge and looking out for those in the path of Rita. (Indeed, it's always all images for them.) As NPR reported, the trip to Colorado Springs was largely a photo-shoot and Bush had little time or patience for talking to the reporters. And as the photo that Steve posted this weekend showed, it sure was evident that Bush was not happy at all.

As befitting a king who has gotten above himself, lost the favor of his people, and is no longer accorded kid-glove treatment, the press has been nasty and pointed. Newsweek, the magazine who the Bush mafia humiliated for reporting on the Koran desecration, is again front and center with a story that shows the real Bush: whiny and petulant when the world isn't centered around him.

The president didn't look all that relieved or happy, however. His eyes were puffy from lack of sleep (he had been awakened all through the night with bulletins), and he seemed cranky and fidgety. A group of reporters and photographers had been summoned by White House handlers to capture a photo op of the commander in chief at his post. Bush stared at them balefully. He rocked back and forth in his chair, furiously at times, asked no questions and took no notes. It almost seemed as though he resented having to strike a pose for the press.

Was it only a month ago that we were reading about what an incredibly healthy and fit guy this president was? And how that made it possible for him to make good decisions?

"Americans want their president in shape and 'in a position to make good, crisp decisions,' Bush said.

"'And part of my being is to be outside exercising. So I'm mindful of what goes on around me. On the other hand, I'm also mindful that I've got a life to live and will do so,' he said."

Yup, the man can't even have one sleep-deprived night without getting testy. So when we have a real crisis, who should we call to make those good, crisp decisions? Sure am glad to know we have such a wuss in charge. Bet he never got up to change diapers when his daughters were young.

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